Meet the Team.

Meet the team at Sydney Editing Solutions!

Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts (English) from Macquarie University in Ryde and a Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing from Macleay College in Sydney. She has been a freelance editor and manuscript assesor for the past ten years, and has taken up the added responsibility of office manager since Sydney Editing Solutions opened. In her down time, Jess can be found reading by the pool, glass of wine in hand!


So, what is editing and manuscript assessment, and how do they differ?

Manuscript assessment involves strategy and finesse, looking into the overall development of the plot to ensure the manuscript flows at the correct pace and that all points lead toward the crescendo. It ensures you use the best possible tense, and that the characters themselves have depth and well, character. While we look at your work, we will also deliver suggestions of plot and literary devices, alternate characters, and adjustments (just as a suggestion, to get the brain juices flowing).

Editing is about meticulous attention to the most minute details of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax (the arrangement of words).

Why does my manuscript need this?

Good question. There are two times when a manuscript assessment and/or copy edit are essential; at the end, and at the beginning.

The initial assessment is usually one around the 15,000-20,000 word mark and ensures you are on track. This is where you give us everything you have, including how you would like the story to end, so we can best steer you in that direction. Many authors suggest this path, as it inspires MANY more ideas from their assessors.

The latter assessment is commissioned once the entire ensemble is compiled and you are happy with what you have produced. We will ensure that your manuscript is polished to a shining glean, and that when you decide to promote it towards a literary agent or publisher, that you start on the right foot (believe us… there will be mistakes in your manuscript without a professional editor with a fresh set of eyes).