Excel in your goals.

Writing is hard – even if you write every day or if this is your first foray into the craft.

There is no ‘real’ way to make it easy nor is there a fail-safe method to turn a string of ideas in your mind into Pulitzer Prize winning prose.

Writing is like a muscle – it needs exercising, and frequently. Start small. Invest in a journal. Write about your day, how you feel, what that particularly good sunset looked like. Keep it with you. Always. Anything and everything is potential inspiration.

Read often and broadly, from a range of genres, authors, and perspectives – not just the stories that immediately grab your attention. Your inspiration should be widely sourced, and you will find that reading from a variety of texts will assist in exercising your writing ‘muscle’.

Be patient. Use spell check. Enter competitions. Read it aloud. Research thoroughly. Be passionate. Repeat.

Don’t let your work down with silly errors – take the time to polish and shine it. I want to be able to edit your work, not waste your hard earned money by correcting your usage of there, their, and they’re.

The Sydney Editing Solutions difference:

We pride our business on the foundations of an exceptional editing services mixed with courteous and positive instructions into plot development, syntax, character development, point-of-view, presentation, pace, and structural/ copy editing. We differ from other editing services in that we will not destroy your dreams of becoming a writer, but rather push you forwards to excel in your goals and publish that book! Feel free to ask us anything about the writing or publishing process to have one of our experts guide you in whatever direction you desire.